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travcompI am writing this blog late at night in the Atlanta Airport, Terminal B.  Nearby is one of the most genius ideas in airport eateries I have ever seen.  It’s this lovely collaboration of two Atlanta establishments:  Café Intermezzo and Buckhead Books.  I could be happy eating here every night of the week.  Not only do they have delicious food, but the surroundings offer something for all of the senses.

On one wall is an ever changing slideshow of gorgeous Italian architecture and scenery.  The pastry case is laden with sumptuous looking desserts.  The music is a blend of jazz, swing and classic tunes.  And the remaining walls are filled ceiling to floor with volumes of new books whose titles are almost as tempting as the decadent desserts on display.  Or at least they are for me.

I am an admitted bibliophile (a person who loves or collects books).  I have bought and given away more books than some people will own in a lifetime.  My favorite house we’ve ever lived in had a library with ceiling to floor bookcases with a moving ladder which could be used to reach the higher shelves.  Our current home has no such library so there are books under my bed, in my closets, on my night stand, my coffee table, my kitchen counter and on every inch of shelf space I own.

I am an admitted bibliophile

Why do I love these bound collections of words?  They’re valuable because in them I find hope, encouragement, inspiration and understanding.  Adventure, entertainment, education and insight are also available in books.   Some of my most valuable life coaches have been authors who I have never met but whose words have greatly influenced my life.

A good book is like a delicious meal.  I savor each word, rolling thoughts over in my mind like a tasty morsel on my tongue.  I absorb them and they become part of me.  My thinking, my perspective and even my spirit are all affected by what I read.  So I try to choose carefully.  I attempt to choose well.

These books are my traveling companions on my journey of life.  Proverbs 13:20 says, “He who walks with the wise grows wise” so I am constantly seeking the voice of wisdom as my partner.

These books are my traveling companions on my journey of life.

My niece, Amanda, recently recommended a book to me which I immediately downloaded and began to read on the flight to the Caribbean with my sister last week.  By the time we landed, God had already used Laura Story’s book, When God Doesn’t Fix It, to minister to my heart.

In it the Grammy award winning singer songwriter tells the story of a life plan interrupted by her young husband’s brain tumor and subsequent disability and short term memory loss.  Her very candid and vulnerable journey from devastation to questioning to trust in God’s sovereign plan is both moving and motivating.  Her words will inspire you and if you are like me, convict you as well.  I was blessed to have Laura as one of my traveling companions this week.

The apostle Paul cared deeply for the churches he had helped establish but he could not be with them all so he wrote letters.  His words were meant to encourage, inspire and clarify their faith.  Those letters were grouped together and became “books” which are part of the New Testament available to us today.  His words are both ancient and timeless, universal yet specific.  His books still give us light when we are trying to find our way.  Laura Story’s book was a modern day epistle for me.

The next house I build will have a fabulous, long dining room with warm, rich colors, a great sound system and walls that are nothing but bookshelves.  When I invite you to dinner we will light a few candles, listen to smooth jazz and be surrounded by the books I have come to know as my trusted friends.

Either that or we could just meet up at the Atlanta Airport in Terminal B.

Happy traveling, my friend.