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I met Micah Maddox at a speaker/writer conference in North Carolina this past July. She’s a lovely young woman who shares a thought provoking peek into her past in this guest
blog. I hope it encourages you to look around you for a


Micah Maddox

single mom who may be in need this holiday season. If you aren’t connected to one personally you might consider contacting the Arkansas Dream Center. http://www.ardreamcenter.tv/christmas/

Micah and I would love to hear the resulting stories! You can share either with me at thirdseasonblog.com or with Micah at micahmaddox.com.

Single Moms and Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, I have no doubt there are moms who are already agonizing over a day that is supposed to be a glorious celebration. Although they want to make amazing memories and buy memorable gifts for their children, the lack of child support and the paycheck to paycheck living does not allow for expensive things.

I’ll never forget our first Christmas after my dad left. We were living in a one bedroom apartment above a little garage. My mom got a job and did her best to provide for us. That year was different in so many ways. A new place to live, a new church, a broken family and a small income. I don’t remember going without or not having things, but I do remember the amazing way God gave us Christmas that year.

A man from church pulled up into our little driveway and opened the trunk. He pulled bag after bag from the trunk. The bags were filled with Barbies, a new basketball, and everything you could imagine a child would want to receive on Christmas morning. I remember sitting in the living room watching my mom wipe tears from her eyes as we opened gift after gift.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to choose a single mom each year and give as much as we could. Some years it’s been a check, other years we’ve unloaded the trunk with toys for each child. I don’t know if our gifts will be enjoyed and played with for years to come, but I pray that there is a child who sees God’s provision as clearly as I did so many years ago.

Would you consider adopting a single mom or dad and blessing them with Christmas this year? Your act of kindness might be remembered for years to come!

If you are a single parent, my prayer is that God would provide abundantly for you this year! I’m sharing this in hopes that someone will be compelled to support you, love your children, and encourage you this Christmas.

That man from church who unloaded the trunk adopted me a few years later. I now call him Dad.

Merry Christmas!

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