Third Season

Untitled design.pngOur first Thanksgiving as newlyweds, my husband and I invited his parents to visit us in our small one bedroom apartment in Louisville, KY, where my husband was enrolled in med school.  Anxious to make them feel welcomed, I had offered to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal.

Excited to use my new china, beautiful crystal and special serving pieces, I took great pains creating a lovely and colorful table setting for the occasion.  As a new bride I desperately wanted to impress my in- laws and reaffirm their opinion that their son had made a good choice.

Never one to  back away from a challenge or to be easily intimidated, I planned my menu and prepared my grocery list as though I were a seasoned chef.  Using the Betty Crocker cookbook I had received as a wedding shower gift, I followed instructions for cooking the turkey, the grand centerpiece of…

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