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ben-white-139141.jpg“Whenever Aaron enters the Holy Place he will bear the names of the sons of Israel over his heart on the breastpiece of decision as a continuing memorial before the Lord.”  Exodus 28:29

When I die, my children will find numerous notebooks and journals with their names in prayers I have prayed for them over the years.  And now, of course, I include prayers for my five grandchildren as well.  Because I believe in the power of prayer – spoken, written or just breathed in silence — I pray for the ones I love on a regular basis.  

Prayer changes circumstances, hearts and situations beyond our control.  It also changes US when we pray.  Sometimes our hearts are softened with compassion.  At other times they’re filled with the faith and courage needed to meet a daunting challenge.  But make no mistake.  We come away a better person after time spent in prayer.  

Prayer changes circumstances, hearts and situations beyond our control.

For five years I was part of a group of grandmothers who met one hour each week to pray for our grandchildren.  I always left that group feeling stronger and more certain of a good outcome for the needs of my precious little ones.  The group was part of an organization called Moms In Prayer International.  This group was started thirty-three years ago by one mom who wanted to pray for her two older boys who were starting junior high school.  

Fern Nichols called another mom and asked if she would join her in prayer once a week for their kids, their school and its teachers. Slowly other moms began to join their weekly prayer time and by the time Fern’s boys were in high school the group began to pray for national exposure.  A few weeks later she received a call from one of the producers of the radio program, Focus on the Family, inviting her to make an appearance.  She and twelve other moms were interviewed and that one show had over 20,000 responses!

Moms In Prayer is now in every state and in 140 countries.  Their booklets have been translated into 50 different languages.  Never underestimate the power of even ONE praying mom!

My niece in Atlanta is now in her third year of hosting a moms’ prayer group in her home.  My blogging assistant, Kate, is in her second year of praying weekly with other young moms for their children and my daughter-in-law, D’Lisa, has just formed a new group in the town to where they have recently moved.  

If you are interested in praying with others for your children or grandchildren (there is also a group which prays for their college kids), I would strongly encourage you to visit the website at www.MomsInPrayer.org.  They have preprinted prayer sheets to add structure to your gathering, will provide assistance and training for setting up your own prayer group or will connect you with an already existing one in your area or school.  You won’t regret that hour each week.  In fact, looking back you will probably decide it was the most profitable time you spent all week long.

Never underestimate the power of even ONE praying mom!

You will be encouraged by praying with other moms, your heart will be enlarged by praying for THEIR children’s needs and your faith will be increased by hearing them pray for YOUR children as well.  I don’t know anyone who has ever regretted time spent in prayer.  Without a doubt it’s one of the best gifts we can give our kids and grandkids in this life.

My daughter-in-law told me last week about a mom who bought a Bible for each of her children and as she prays a particular scripture over them each week she circles and dates that scripture.  Then when her children graduate high school, she plans to give each of them the Bible she used when praying over them with all of the dates and passages she used in their growing up years.  What an impactful and meaningful gift!

When my three children were still living at home I read the scripture in Exodus which I quoted at the beginning of this blog post.  Picturing Aaron, the priest, entering the Holy Place with the names of the sons of Israel on the breastpiece over his heart made me picture myself entering that same sacred space for prayer with the names of my own children engraved on my heart.  From that mental image I wrote this poem.


Three names engraved
Upon my human heart
Are born by me and lovingly
To your altar brought

Do not forget these names, oh God,
In order of their birth
Not because of their good deeds
Nor of my own worth

But these three names remember to
Preserve the righteousness of your own
Let your glory, your honor, your grace
Through these three names be shown
–Darla Haas

There is not a prayer more sincere (or sometimes more desperate) than one prayed by a mom on behalf of her children.  And just as Aaron entered the presence of the Lord bearing the names of the tribes of Israel, you and I can enter that holy space holding up the names that are precious and important to us as well.  And I love the way the last sentence of that verse reads in the New Living Translation:  “Thus, the Lord will be reminded of his people continually.”

Yes we will pray!